Terms and Conditions

For Employers:
  • Posting jobs are free. You can submit any number of jobs. They are all free.
  • Submitted jobs will be visible to Job Seekers only after approval by admin.
  • Job approvals will happen normally within 1 working day.
  • Duplicate jobs submitted will be rejected by admin.
  • Employer can view the applicant contact details only after making payments appropriately.
  • The payment made will not be refunded, once it is applied.
  • We do not guarantee that the jobs posted will receive any expected number of resumes / applications.
For Job Seekers:
  • Job seekers can create 5 different resumes in their profile
  • Job seeker can select any resume to apply for the job online.
  • We donot guarantee that your resume will be visited or considered by the employer for jobs advertised.
  • We only provide a platform and donot interact with any party to influence their decisions or preference
  • All data submitted (part of resume, profile) by Job Seekers in this site may be made visible to the business/potential employers.
  • Please note that the employers or potential employers may view and contact you for their needs.
  • We donot take any responsibility for the usage of your contact (or other)details provided to this website.
  • Employer’s details provided as part of the Job posting may be made visible to the public appropriately to attract more applicants.
  • If you are concerned about your contact(or other) details being misused, refrain from providing in the site.